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I am Cristòbal Hernàndez, CEO of A.3

On the night of July 28, we suffered a large fire at our plant, which severely affected part of our storage facilities.
Thanks to the phenomenal work of the Generalitat Fire Brigade, we were able to put out the fire the day after the incident, without anything happening to anyone, which was the most essential thing for me.
We now have a great deal of work to rebuild what has been burned, but we still have a few things in our favor
– There was no need to mourn any personal casualties
– The fire has not affected other buildings in the zone, and the smoke has not reached nearby
   towns as it initially seemed
– Our means of protection and prevention have kept the incident within the perimeter of the
   company itself
– There has been no contamination outside of waste, liquids or any other material that could
   affect the environment as has happened in other fires
– The response of unconditional help from
   the City of Granollers
   the Ministry of Environment and
   the Fire Brigade of the Generalitat
   and of course, all the staff of A.3, who have been supported at all times and has been in excellent
   condition from the beginning, which encourages us a lot and gives us strength for a quick
   resumption of the usual activity of our dear A.3

We have the whole month of August to correct, repair or rebuild, everything that has been damaged, financially the company is strong and has enough resources to guarantee our Customers, Suppliers and Friends that the 1 of September, our activity will start with force and more desire than ever, its usual services without further delay, thanking first of all, the unconditional support you have sent us by call, mail, or any other means, where we have seen clearly, the love you have for us.

So we look forward to working with you again and as always, starting in September without further ado

Yours faithfully,

C. Hernández

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