About us

A.3 was born as an authorised lead battery collector logistician for an important multinational company. The success of A.3 was based on the simplification of equipment and charging systems to carry out a task that had historically been done with light vehicles, given the difficulty of removing these batteries in small workshops, with difficult access, basements, narrow streets, etc. The SELF-PROPELLED BATTERIES incorporated by A.3 to its fleet allowed to save efforts in the evacuation of these batteries which were a risk both to our staff and to the workshops themselves. Logically, these workshops started to request recycling services for “the other” waste they produced when they saw that the benefit achieved with the batteries could be extended to all the waste they managed one by one with third parties because the loading system was the same for all the materials and with just one transport could be achieved the complete evacuation of all of them with just one interlocutor (integral management). We equip our units with scales-printers to be able to weigh “in situ” the various materials removed, so that the customer knows from the moment of loading the exact weight removed from each of his waste at the time of delivery. This combination of services and the good price applied to them has catapulted A.3 to the top ranking in tons of recycled material.