At A3 Aprofitament Assessorament Ambiental S.L. we are a company authorised by the Generalitat de Catalunya and we have permits for the storage and recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Furthermore, we are committed to caring for the environment and seeking innovations within the waste recovery sector. We have a strong commitment to adapt to the demands of management and the search for new opportunities to promote the circular economy in our society. Below, you will find a list of all those hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that A.3 Aprofitament Assessorament Ambiental S.L. is authorised to manage, recover and/or transfer.

Non-hazardous waste to be recovered: Scrap (EWC 200140, 160117, 160118, 170401, 170402, 170403, 170405, 170406, 170407, 120101, 120103, 150104, 191202, 191203) Cable (CER 170411) Catalytic converters (CER 160801) WEEE (EWC code broken down according to the table of prescription no. 15) X-ray and photographic film (CER 090107, 090108) Non-hazardous packaging (CER 150104, 150102) Non-hazardous batteries (CER 200134, 160605)

Hazardous waste to be recovered: Batteries and accumulators (EWC 160601, 160602, 200133) Oil filters (EWC 160107) WEEE (EWC codes broken down in accordance with the table of requirement no. 15) Photographic products (EWC 090104, 090105, 090106) Jewellery and dental amalgams (EWC 180110) Precious metal baths (EWC 060311, 060313, 060315, 110109, 110111, 110115, 110116, 110301) Containers with traces of dangerous substances (EWC 150110)

Waste to be transferred: WEEE (EWC codes according to prescription table no. 16) Other hazardous waste as listed in Annex I Other non-hazardous waste as listed in Annex II

Anexo 1: Residuos no peligrosa transferir

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