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Enter 8 million euros looking for gold and precious metals among the scrap

Where most of us only see waste and garbage, there are people who can find gold and precious metals. Cristóbal is one of them. It invoices 8 million euros per year extracting gold and platinum from scrap.

In the far west they looked for gold nuggets in the rivers, but now they look for gold nuggets in the dumps. It is well known that some industrial and domestic waste has components of precious metals and gold, but what is difficult is getting them extracted and synthesized so that they can be marketed.omésticos tienen componentes de metales preciosos y oro es bien conocido, pero lo difícil es conseguir extraerlos y sintetizarlos para poderlos comercializar. Cristóbal has succeeded and our reporter Raúl García has spoken with him.

The process is a secret and Cristóbal does not want to give details about it. It is the great secret of his business. “I have been asked to set up companies in Venezuela or Argentina, but the conditions are not the best. I am not going to teach them what it has cost me so many years to learn ”, she assures.

It earns 8 million euros a year in a plant with just 22 employees. “To get a kilo of gold, you hardly need a ton of mobiles.”

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