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At A3 we ensure optimal waste recovery and management.


At A3 we specialize in the purchase and sale of precious metals, providing comprehensive services to meet the needs of our clients. We value and manage a wide range of precious metals, with special attention to the following services:

  • Catalysts: We buy and manage catalysts that contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Our team of experts will evaluate the content and quality of the catalysts, offering a fair and competitive valuation.
  • WEEE Electronic Waste: We take care of the purchase and responsible management of electronic waste (WEEE) that contain precious metals. From printed circuit boards to electronic components, we value and recycle these materials, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and the recovery of valuable metals.
  • X-rays and Photolithos: We offer specialized services in the purchase and recycling of x-rays and photolithos, which contain silver or other precious metals used in printing and production processes. We make sure to handle these materials safely and reliably, maximizing their value and promoting environmental protection.
    WEEE electronic waste
    X-rays and photolithography

    Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility drives us to offer customized solutions for the management of precious metals. We work closely with our clients, providing expert advice and consultancy services in optimizing processes and obtaining maximum value from materials.

    In addition to buying and selling precious metals, we strive to foster environmental awareness and promote circular economy practices in the management of these valuable materials. We are committed to preserving resources and protecting the environment in all of our operations.

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