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Comprehensive waste management

At A3 we ensure optimal waste recovery and management.


In our company, we value and we manage all kinds of batteries and waste, including those from the automotive industry or construction. We take care of offering comprehensive management, which ranges from the collection to the transport of these materials.

To facilitate our valuation process, we have a state-of-the-art metal analyzer that uses X-ray technology. This innovative device allows us to know the composition of any metallic element accurately and quickly. Thanks to this tool, we can identify the metals present in waste and batteries, which helps us to assess and appraise them.

Ferrous / non-ferrous
Industrial waste
construction waste
Dangerous residues
Automotive waste

Our approach is based on sustainability and caring for the environment. We work in collaboration with industries, companies and individuals to guarantee proper management of metal waste. By recycling and valorizing these materials, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact and promoting the circular economy.

Our X-ray metal analyzer allows us to identify and evaluate the metallic elements present in the materials, thus facilitating their economic valuation. We have a team committed to sustainability and care for the environment, and we offer collection services and transport to ensure efficient and responsible management.

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