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We value and recycle exhausted batteries and batteries


At A3 we offer you optimal battery management, complying with our high environmental quality standards and complying with current regulations. We understand the importance of properly treating these devices, since most batteries are made of highly toxic heavy metals, which require processing in specialized plants at the end of their useful life. That is why we are committed to ensuring proper treatment and recycling of all the batteries we receive.

We have specialized processes and techniques that allow us to carry out the proper recycling of a wide variety of batteries. Although not all types of batteries are mentioned above, our experience extends to nickel-cadmium batteries, electric vehicle batteries, button and silver oxide batteries, alkaline batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, stationary batteries , traction batteries and gel batteries, among others.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries
Electric vehicle batteries
Stationary batteries
Alkaline batteries
Lead batteries
Lithium Ion Batteries
Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
Button and silver oxide batteries
Traction batteries
Gel batteries
Gel batteries

Our goal

We want to ensure the correct management of this waste, protecting the environment and promoting the circular economy. Through our recycling processes, we are able to recover and reuse valuable materials present in batteries, thus reducing dependence on the extraction of natural resources.

At A3, we take pride in the work we do to ensure responsible management of batteries. We put at your disposal our experience and knowledge in the recycling of these devices, ensuring that it is carried out safely and efficiently. Trust us for the correct management of your batteries and batteries, and contribute to protecting the environment while complying with your legal and environmental obligations.

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